November 2019

🎄 MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄⭐⭐ 25 December 2019 ⭐⭐

Mickey's very merry Christmas party 2019

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2019 in Magic Kingdom Park offers you the chance at one of a kind experiences you can’t get during regular park hours – holiday snacks, holiday fireworks, meet and greets, shows and parades.

mickey's very merry christmas party
Mickey's very merry Christmas party 2019

What is the real meaning of Merry Christmas?

What is Christmas really about Christmas history 

Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ in the whole world on 25th of December and is a holiday on this day all over the world, 12 days of Christmas 'Christmastide'. Christmas begins as the biggest festival of Christians and it is also called the big day and it is celebrated in honor of the birthday of Lord Jesus. For this it is a day of great importance and a festival day.

very merry christmas party

Birth of Lord Jesus Christ: According to the Bible, God sent an angel named Gabriel to a woman whose name was Mary and said that if she had a son, she would rule as king and the name of that child was Jesus who was born in 6 AD. Formerly born in Bethlehem and was born in a stables, he worked to show the right path to very young people. Thus, when he was 12 years old, he took 12 men. Jesus was chosen and made him his apostle. Jesus also performed many miracles, which are not called the messengers of God, but God has celebrated Christmas in his memory.

How do we celebrate Christmas Day?

Christmas Preparation and Festival

Christmas preparations are started 10-15 days in advance by the Christian community, the house is cleaned, new clothes are bought, different types of dishes are made, the church is special on Christmas Day. Decorated in the Church There are various events in the church that go on till the New Year, plays based on the birth of Jesus Christ, songs are sung, Antakshari is played And also which is a series of shows Christian society derive procession in many places is Jakia Lord-God, made chocolate and cakes. Every year mickey's very merry christmas party season means Happy Holiday Season also be organised. This year we celebrate Mickey's Brithday Party also as "Mickey's very merry Christmas party" and "Merry Christmas".

How do we celebrate Christmas Day

What is special about Christmas?

"Mickey's very merry Christmas party" at The Magic Kingdom for this festive holiday party. The magic begins with "snow" falling. Christmas is incomplete without a cake. In that day, every Christian family makes a cake. Its companion Christmas tree is also decorated. In many places there is a night prayer in the churches a day before Christmas, which is till 12:00 pm It goes on at exactly 12:00 pm People start wishing their relatives for Christmas etc. to their friends, Santa Claus gives chocolates and gifts to the children on Christmas day."Mickey's very merry Christmas party"
Risms do love that enthusiasm and prayer people from other religions to celebrate the joy Khin- anywhere lighting by candles in church so Christmas is the only Christian people not only celebrate but people of all faiths.

Mickey's very merry Christmas party

Christmas festival is celebrated with great gaiety and enthusiasm all over the world on that day. All Christianity People pray for forgiveness of their mistakes in front of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is said that in British times when British celebrated Christmas, there was a 15-day school and college holiday, and all Hindus and Muslims were British. We used to send gifts here, thus Christmas festival is celebrated with great pomp in our country from the British period till today.

Which country has Christmas Day first? 

Where will you see the sunrise first on Christmas day? 

The first country to see the sun on Christmas morning is New Zealand.
The first land to have sunrise each day are New Zealand's Balleny Islands

Mickey's very merry Christmas party 2019.

Christmas at Disney World.


Why Do Husbands Risk Having An Affair And Then Beg Their Wives Not To Leave Them?

I often hear from wives who do not understand the division between the man who is begging them not to not to leave him because of his affair and the man who risked literally everything in order to have that same affair. The wife often wracks her brain in order to figure out what his thought process might have been. Because he seems completely sincere in being desperate not to lose his family now. But what about before? Why was he willing to risk them in order to carry out the affair?

Why Do Husbands Risk Having An Affair And Then Beg Their Wives Not To Leave Them
Why Do Husbands Risk Having An Affair And Then Beg Their Wives Not To Leave Them

A wife might say, "honestly, my head is spinning. I truly do not understand. I have always told my husband that I would never, ever tolerate cheating. He seemed to understand this and emphatically said that he would never do that. I believed him. My husband is a man of high integrity. He doesn't make a habit of lying and being deceitful. He has been a good husband. But he cheated on me with a coworker that I actually know. I am in a club with her and at times we would chat about our families. My husband had to know this. And still, he had an affair. He knew full well that if I found out, I would probably take our children and move. The other woman also has children and a husband. Worse than this, at my husband's company, they are not supposed to date coworkers. So both of them were breaking the rules and there would probably be consequences for their careers if they were caught. Plus, my husband was very careless as if he wanted to get caught. But when I do confront him about it, he freaks out. He chases me around the house sobbing and saying that he can not handle it if leave him and take the kids. When I tell him that he should have thought of this before, he says that this is the problem, that he wasn't thinking. But the thing is, my husband is a thinker. He is not the type of person who doesn't know what it is doing. He had to be aware of the risks. I am sick that he did this. Why would an otherwise reasonable person risk everything to have an affair? He actually claims that he didn't even care all that much about her. He insists she means about next to nothing to him. If this is actually true, why would he risk all of this to cheat with her? I simply don't understand."

I truly do get what you are saying. I had the same questions. I asked these questions of my own husband and of men that I've interviewed for articles. Although each man, each affair, and each set of details are different, you tend to see the same themes come up over and over again. I will share those now in the hopes that something will be helpful.

They Minimize The Risk In Their Own Mind In Any Way That They Can

Why Do Husbands Risk Having An Affair And Then Beg Their Wives Not To Leave Them

If you straight out ask an honest man why he risked everything for an affair, you might get a blank look. Why? Because when they think about it after the fact, the risk is staggering, but at the time, they didn't internalize the risk. In fact, they did everything that they could to minimize it in their own mind. That's why this is all so perplexing to wives. If most of our husbands sat down and thought about exactly what might happen if they were caught, most would never go through with it. Because it's just not worth that risk. But they don't sit down and really think about it. They tell themselves that it will be a one-time thing. Or that they can and will end it very quickly. They tell themselves that their marriage and the affair are two different parts of their lives and they can keep the two away from one another.

People who have had affairs describe it like juggling a bunch of balls in the air - constantly keeping both things going. Some even try to break off the affair, but the other person makes every attempt to keep it going. Many of them are in the process of ending things when they are caught. At that point, they'd started to acknowledge the risk that they were taking, and they began to try to untangle themselves from it. But of course by then it is too late and they are caught.

I can't claim that there aren't some husbands who are invested in the affair and who may want to continue on with it even when they are caught. But in my experience, this is not the case with many. Most of them will tell you that if they had sat down and thought it out, they never would have done it. Most claim that they would give anything to take it back because they don't want to lose their family. Statistics bear this out, since more marriages survive an affair than not. In short, most men do their very best not to think about the risk.

A Day -To-Day Perspective

When I was trying to come to terms about this in my own life, I realized that, if we are all being honest, there are some mind games that we all play with risk, but on a much smaller scale. For example, I have a family history of skin cancer. When I drive carpool, I am in the car (and therefore in the sun) for a long period of time. I know that I should wear sunscreen and most of the time, I do. But if I get in a hurry and am rushing out the door, there will be times when I will think "stop what you are doing and put on sunscreen. You know you can't leave your skin unprotected." But because I am running late and I don't want to be at the back of the line, I just go without it. This puts myself and my family at risk (if I were to get cancer.) I fully know this. And yet, I push those worries in the back of my mind and I carry on. I know that this isn't an apples to apples comparison. Sunscreen and an affair are two very different things. But I wanted to point out that we all tend to minimize risks in our own minds. It's just human nature. This doesn't excuse your husband by a long shot. But I did want to show the process that goes into the mind games that we all play with ourselves. On a larger scale, that is how people risk everything for an affair. They simply push thoughts of risk to the very back of their minds - until they are caught or are trying to end it.

Why Do Husbands Risk Having An Affair And Then Beg Their Wives Not To Leave Them?

Thailand - The Land of Tourism

Thailand is an astounding kingdom featuring many Buddhist temples, marvelous palaces, beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, gorgeous spas and much more. Thailand is very well-known for its unique culture that includes mouth-watering 'Thai seafood delicacies.' Thailand is a destination which appeals to every kind of traveler, whether they are hippy chic or craving luxury. And, you can find the ever-appealing budget packages which provide you the best sightseeing, variegated shopping and tasty gourmet.

Another reason which makes Thailand appealing to tourists is that the people are amicable and helpful in all sense. Maybe it is because of the traditional greeting 'the Wai', which is when a person bows with their hands held together or because of Thailand's motto 'Mai Pen Rai' which means 'Don't worry.'

Thailand - The Land of Tourism
Thailand - The Land of Tourism

Thailand has three primary seasons 

The dry season, hot season and the monsoon season. The country is flocked with tourists during the dry season because the temperature does not exceed 90-degrees. It is during the hot season the tourists fill the super sunny beaches. During the monsoons, people mostly prefer the northern parts of Thailand because there are chances for the island to get flooded.

Thailand - The Land of Tourism

There are over 40000 Buddhists temples in Thailand. Travelers will surely find at least one temple on their way to different places across the country. These beautiful structures date back to the dynasties, which ruled Thailand during ancient times. Each one of it reflects the architectural splendor which prevailed in Thailand. Though many cities in Thailand undergoes continues modernization, there are some cities which still hold on to their ancestral roots which include the city of Sukhothai, the ancient ruins preserved during the Siamese Kingdom in 1238.

The festivals are as exciting as their rich culture and history. These festivals are mostly obtained from the religions and lunar calendar and so on. Many travelers plan their vacation near these festivals to attend experience and extract the real essence of the celebrations. One of the famous festivities is Songkran, also known as the water festival.

Thailand - The Land of Tourism

Another essential feature of Thailand is its markets. You can never find such an incredible market in the world such as the Thai markets. Each of its markets has its own peculiarities, from the things they sell to the crowds they attract.

Thailand is also home to exotic wildlife. Khao Yai National Park is situated in Central Thailand. Along the South of Thailand, there are so many beaches filled with naughty monkeys. The Monkey Beach in 'Koh Phi Phi' is a famous monkey hotspot. Do not forget that feeding these animals is not allowed! Also, clearing down these tourist spots, which will abuse animal protection is punishable.

Thailand is a land of manners and etiquettes; a land of relaxation and wildness, friendliness and godliness, a land of happiness and not to forget the country is the land of 'smiles'.

Thailand - The Land of Tourism

The Top Hiking Essentials For A Day Hike

Casually hiking a nearby waterfall?
Or planning to conquer a difficult summit? 
Whatever the case is, preparing and bringing proper equipment is highly important. The outdoors is a very unpredictable place and the smallest things can mean the difference between a minor mishap and major dilemma.

The Top Hiking Essentials For A Day Hike
The Top Hiking Essentials For A Day Hike

Be sure you come with these top hiking essentials for a day hike:

Sun Protection

Even if the forecast says it's going to be cloudy, it doesn't mean you don't need proper protection from the sun. A good sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, SPF lip balm and a brimmed hat are all essentials to keep yourself protected. A bad sunburn and cracked lips aren't things you want to have after a fun day hiking.

Food and Snacks

You'll need all the energy you can get to prepare your body for a day hike. So after a good nutritious meal beforehand, be sure to bring enough snacks to sustain your calories while on the trail. Energy bars, dried fruits, jerky and nuts are good choices. If you want something heavier for lunch or dinner, bring along sandwiches or freeze dried meals. Don't forget to bring enough water, too!


This is a no brainer. You'll want to keep yourself hydrated throughout the duration of your hike. Water will cool you down when it's hot and help keep you warm when the weather gets cooler. Water also helps avoid injuries as it helps keep the muscles and joints working properly.

Extra Clothing

The weather and temperature can change quickly outdoors, so it's better to have extra clothing handy (to change into or to layer). It's ideal to bring an extra layer of insulation clothing to help you keep warm in case the temperature drops.

First Aid Kit

Safety should be your top priority when you're outdoors, that's why packing a first aid kit is important. You can purchase a pre-packaged kit which is a lightweight option and usually carry complete supplies for minor injuries.


Even if you don't plan on going past dark, always bring a good source of light. Oftentimes, hikes take longer than expected. Also, bring a small firestarter kit in case you need to create a fire during your hike.


A compass and a map are a must-have for every hike, even if you're hiking with a group or a guide. It will be useful for when you get lost or if you need to find your way back. Just be sure you learn how to use them beforehand!

Have a safe and smooth-sailing adventure by bringing these top essentials for a day hike!

The Top Hiking Essentials For A Day Hike

How to Train a Cat to Use a Scratching Post : Useful Tips

If you happen to be a cat owner, then you would notice that your precious pet loves scratching stuff. Much to your horror, cats love to scratch the furniture! This may seem like a big problem, but it can be easily resolved. The key is to learn how to train a cat to use a scratching post. There are many ways for you to deal with this problem.

First of all, it is important to understand why cats scratch their paws. Cats spread their scent by scratching their paws which means they are marking their territory.

It helps them to feel secure and to identify their enclave. Shedding claws is another reason for scratching. Scratching also helps them stretch their muscles. See that there are many advantages to cats scratching their paws except that it wreaks havoc on your furniture.

On the other hand, you can trim your cat's nails to help them ease the scratching. This method is not recommended as they lose their defense mechanism. So we compiled some tips and tricks to follow to aid in your dilemma.

How to Train a Cat to Use a Scratching Post  Useful Tips
How to Train a Cat to Use a Scratching Post  Useful Tips

Useful Tips on How to Train a Cat to Use a Scratching Post

Now that you know the common reasons why cats are scratching their paws, we can move on to some useful things that you can do to help them learn to use a scratching post instead of your furniture.

Start early

If you have your pets as kittens, then you can start training them while they are young. This way, the action will be ingrained in them. However, if you already have an adult cat, they can still be trained but might need more persistence and perseverance.

Find a scratching post that your cat will love

Sometimes, it is all about finding the right kind of scratching post that will appeal to your cat. You can find the right post for your cat usually through trial and error. You may need to experiment and see which one works. For example, some would prefer a vertical post as opposed to a horizontal surface. The important thing is to be able to find the right one that will appeal to your cat's preferences.

Determine the best place to put your scratching post

Other times, it is not the quality of the scratching post that is important but the location. You should keep in mind that you should place your post where it will be accessible to your cat.

One pro tip: cats usually do their scratching before they take a nap. The ideal place to put your scratching post is where your cat usually naps. If you have the capacity, it is also great to put several posts in different parts of the house. Place it on your pet's usual spots, and it will surely get to maximize its use.

Now, if you happen to have a piece of furniture that your cat is very much attached to, then you can try placing a scratching post near it. This is an excellent way to divert its attention and focus the scratching on the post and not on your furniture.

Use Rewards and Affirmations

As with all great training, you can use rewards and affirmations to your pet. This simply means that whenever your pet uses the scratch post, it will get a reward. On the other hand, if they still play with your beloved furniture, then you need to be firm and let your pet know that is wrong.

To further entice your cat to use the scratching post, you can put catnip on and around the post or hang a toy for them to be able to play with. Eventually, they will get the hang of it and start using the post regularly.

Do not tolerate

If your cat is persistent, then it is time to use your voice to let your pet know its actions are incorrect. When you hear your cat scratching the furniture, say stop in a loud voice. Your pet will be startled and over time will understand that what it is doing is inappropriate. You may also spritz some water on your cat whenever it starts scratching the future. These are just some ways to dissuade your pet.

Other Remedies

Now, if the tips mentioned above do not work at all, then you can go a different route. One thing that you could do is to make your furniture unappealing to your pet. You can do this by covering your cat's favorite furniture with foil or tape. Cats do not like these textures and can dissuade them from further scratching. It may seem like a hideous look for your furniture, but it is only temporary. You can remove them when your cat already loses its interest.

When all else fail, you can try changing your furniture. Consider furniture that is made from microfiber. It can tolerate scratching, but at the same time, there are also different designs available that will suit your home.


Cats are adorable and fun-loving. Just remember that cat scratching is a natural phenomenon. It may seem horrible, but if you train them early, then you will be able to surpass this ordeal. As mentioned before, cats scratch as their way of marking territory and shedding claws. It is easier to train cats when you understand the reason behind their behavior.

How to Train a Cat to Use a Scratching Post : Useful Tips

Top Reasons We Love Cats

Cats, Adorable creatures we humans find so irresistible. If you admire cats and own one, or more accurately, you are owned by one, do you ever wonder why you still have one - despite cats being so demanding? There are several reasons for which cats are able to steal our hearts with their overwhelming cuteness.

Top Reasons We Love Cats
Top Reasons We Love Cats

1. Keep you entertained

Being around cats is one of the greatest ways to get entertained. With just a few toys, a laser pointer or a piece of string, they are able to brighten your whole day in just a few hours.

2. Occupy smaller spaces

Cats are perfect pets if you own a small apartment building. They're small, and do not occupy too much space. Furthermore, they can fit into a small pet box for occasional use - for example, when travelling.

3. Can Be Left Alone

Cats love their me time like 24 hours every day. They do not hate you for abandoning them all day because they can take care of themselves. Just leave the milk for them, their litter box and their toys, and your absence would not be felt as much as it should.

4. Not time-consuming

Cats do not take up to hours of your time just for their satisfaction alone. They hate the outdoors, so you do not need to watch over them while they have their outdoor activities.

5. Economical

Cats are pocket-friendly. Other than the occasional pet food and doctor's visits, spending on your cats is a usually a low-budget thing. After all, all cats need are milk, litter box and a bundle of strings to make their day.

6. Purr. Meow.

I always love listening to them purr and meow. It is an adorable and memorable thing for us cat owners to hear. And if you keep a cat long enough, you might be able to understand each of their meowing and purring.

7. Baths - not necessary

Cats do not like bath Or bathing. They tend to keep themselves squeaky clean and that is okay for them.

8. Personal rodent terminators

Your cat is your personal rat terminator. Your home becomes rodent free thanks to our bundle of goodness.

9. Cats love us

The cliché thing most people know about cats is that they do not love their owners and that they are rude. Yes, while I agree that cats may be different from other pets and prefer to be left alone, I know from the bottom of my heart that they love us with equal amounts of love we show to them.

Top Reasons We Love Cats

Understanding Your Dogs Behavior Can Help You Communicate Better With Him

Better communication with you dog often involves understanding his behavior. This includes why your dog barks and how he wags his tail. These are two of the most often used methods your dog is using to convey a message to you other near-by human beings. These could indicate the need for affection or play. How your dog barks or wags his tail could also indicate feelings of fear or aggression within your fury friends mind.

Understanding Your Dogs Behavior Can Help You Communicate Better With Him
Understanding Your Dogs Behavior Can Help You Communicate Better With Him


Barking is a natural response to various situations. The type of bark your fury friend is projecting can indicate many things. When your dog barks it could often mean he is trying to get or attention. This could mean he is seeking affection or anticipating the start of play. His barking could also mean he senses a person about to enter his personal place. This could mean he is making you aware that someone is entering your personal place. Dogs will often bark when another dog is nearby. Certain barking patterns should be allowed if they are normal for your fury friends needs. However excessive barking should be discouraged.

Dog wags his tail

When you dog wags his tail he could be trying to convey various types of messages. These messages could include a state of play or contentment. They way you dog wags his tail could also indicate fear or potential aggression. Feelings of fear or aggression within your dogs mind generally is brought on by something or someone in the vicinity that has triggered this response.

There are other indicators with regards to how your dog is trying to convey a message to you. This could involve how your dog is looking at you and various body positions he is making. Your dog might roll over in an attempt to get you to scratch him. He could also be standing on his hind legs with his front legs in the air seeking to get his chest scratched. Your dog could also look very intently at you with his or hers ears standing up, because he is begging for food. They might even tilt their head and sit on their hind legs with their front legs standing straight. Of course these gestures could also indicate that your dog is seeking to go outside.

It is interesting to note that dogs you spend more time around a larger group of people with learn a greater number of ways to communicate. Some research shows to mean they are becoming smarter and could be helpful in making to behave in a more appropriate manner.

Understanding Your Dogs Behavior Can Help You Communicate Better With Him

5 Horror Films That Changed Bollywood Horror

The Bollywood horror film industry has a rich history, going back to the fifties. However, because of several aspects, the mainstream looked at horror with a disdain.

Through the seventies, eighties, and nineties, the A-Listers never signed up a horror film. That created a whole new set of actors who'd do Bollywood horror films - and they had a cult following.

5 Horror Films That Changed Bollywood Horror
5 Horror Films That Changed Bollywood Horror

Because the actors were new, the budgets were less. Because horror is a saleable genre, most of these horror films became moneyspinners for the producers and financiers.

With newer talent coming in, producers looking for a quick buck began churning off regressive and exploitative cinema, Bollywood horror became infamous. In the nineties, directors like Ram Gopal Varma and Vikram Bhatt revolutionalized the horror genre with their films.

Here are the 5 films that changed the audience's perspective of an Indian horror film.

# 1 Stree

Dinesh Vijan directs this script by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK. Before this, nobody succeeded in creating a genuine horror film with comedy elements. Stree was an instant hit and revived the horror segment in Bollywood. The film stars Rajkummar Rao, Shraddha Kapoor, and Flora Saini.

#2 Raaz

This Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu film changed the template of horror films. Earlier, horror films were about an evil spirit haunting the family of someone who wronged them.

In Raaz, the reason behind the evil spirit's existence was a crime committed or injustice meted out by the ones who are being haunted. The bold, new, generation lapped up this idea, paving the way for India's most popular franchise.

#3 Go Goa Gone

Go Goa Gone answered a pertinent question - why do zombies only attack Western countries? With Go Goa Gone, India got its first successful, entertaining and franchise worthy zombie film.

Go, Goa, Gone was the first successful horror film to add comedic elements and get away with it. The intelligentsia called it black humor and the mainstream lot saw the incidents depicted in the film happen with them every day - apart from the zombie apocalypse, of course. Today, it makes the list of the most wanted Indian horror sequel films.

#4 Pari

For three decades, Indian horror creators used the wash-rinse-repeat formula. They couldn't delve into the rich Indian culture for characters and story arcs. There was this risk of hurting sentiments. Somehow, Anushka Sharma had the wherewithal to get into Islamic history and create Pari, a genuinely terrifying film.

This is only the second Bollywood horror film that was an eerie experience to watch in the theatre, second only to Stree.

#5 Veerana

Funny but true, this film is still talked about four decades after its release. That puts it at par with Sholay - well, almost. The Ramsays made several horror-template films like Purana Mandir, Purani Haveli, Shaitaani Ilaaka and many more. But Veerana is the one every Indian horror buff knows about.

In retrospect, there's absolutely no reason why Veerana became so famous, apart from the fact that there's a conspiracy theory that the lead heroine, Jasmine, has disappeared somewhere. Maybe that's the reason it's loved by horror clubs even today.

5 Horror Films That Changed Bollywood Horror


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