Celebrate very merry Christmas party

🎄 MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄⭐⭐ 25 December 2019 ⭐⭐

Mickey's very merry Christmas party 2019

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2019 in Magic Kingdom Park offers you the chance at one of a kind experiences you can’t get during regular park hours – holiday snacks, holiday fireworks, meet and greets, shows and parades.

mickey's very merry christmas party
Mickey's very merry Christmas party 2019

What is the real meaning of Merry Christmas?

What is Christmas really about Christmas history 

Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ in the whole world on 25th of December and is a holiday on this day all over the world, 12 days of Christmas 'Christmastide'. Christmas begins as the biggest festival of Christians and it is also called the big day and it is celebrated in honor of the birthday of Lord Jesus. For this it is a day of great importance and a festival day.

very merry christmas party

Birth of Lord Jesus Christ: According to the Bible, God sent an angel named Gabriel to a woman whose name was Mary and said that if she had a son, she would rule as king and the name of that child was Jesus who was born in 6 AD. Formerly born in Bethlehem and was born in a stables, he worked to show the right path to very young people. Thus, when he was 12 years old, he took 12 men. Jesus was chosen and made him his apostle. Jesus also performed many miracles, which are not called the messengers of God, but God has celebrated Christmas in his memory.

How do we celebrate Christmas Day?

Christmas Preparation and Festival

Christmas preparations are started 10-15 days in advance by the Christian community, the house is cleaned, new clothes are bought, different types of dishes are made, the church is special on Christmas Day. Decorated in the Church There are various events in the church that go on till the New Year, plays based on the birth of Jesus Christ, songs are sung, Antakshari is played And also which is a series of shows Christian society derive procession in many places is Jakia Lord-God, made chocolate and cakes. Every year mickey's very merry christmas party season means Happy Holiday Season also be organised. This year we celebrate Mickey's Brithday Party also as "Mickey's very merry Christmas party" and "Merry Christmas".

How do we celebrate Christmas Day

What is special about Christmas?

"Mickey's very merry Christmas party" at The Magic Kingdom for this festive holiday party. The magic begins with "snow" falling. Christmas is incomplete without a cake. In that day, every Christian family makes a cake. Its companion Christmas tree is also decorated. In many places there is a night prayer in the churches a day before Christmas, which is till 12:00 pm It goes on at exactly 12:00 pm People start wishing their relatives for Christmas etc. to their friends, Santa Claus gives chocolates and gifts to the children on Christmas day."Mickey's very merry Christmas party"
Risms do love that enthusiasm and prayer people from other religions to celebrate the joy Khin- anywhere lighting by candles in church so Christmas is the only Christian people not only celebrate but people of all faiths.

Mickey's very merry Christmas party

Christmas festival is celebrated with great gaiety and enthusiasm all over the world on that day. All Christianity People pray for forgiveness of their mistakes in front of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is said that in British times when British celebrated Christmas, there was a 15-day school and college holiday, and all Hindus and Muslims were British. We used to send gifts here, thus Christmas festival is celebrated with great pomp in our country from the British period till today.

Which country has Christmas Day first? 

Where will you see the sunrise first on Christmas day? 

The first country to see the sun on Christmas morning is New Zealand.
The first land to have sunrise each day are New Zealand's Balleny Islands

Mickey's very merry Christmas party 2019.

Christmas at Disney World.



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